The Zoom Community team – the folks who are employees at Zoom who manage the online Zoom Community forum – have chosen me as a Community Champion.

I try to spend an hour a day or so on the Zoom Community site, answering user questions and giving guidance… some days more, some days less.

What do I get out of this? First of all, I learn a lot! I’m not the only person giving advice, and I do read other people’s answers. I sometimes sort of know the answer, but want to make sure that I’ve got some details correct, so I search for the answer online. I’ve always said, “Better to know how to find the answers, than to try to know everything,” and I’ve gotten pretty good at finding answers about Zoom.

But the biggest thing I get out of helping people on the Zoom Community is knowing that I’m helping people. A lot of of those with questions to express their appreciation for the answers, and some don’t — but that’s okay, I know people are busy.

Have a Zoom question? Head on over to and ask away! But maybe you can search for the answer first.

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