Zoom Events Resources

Here’s a brief compendium of resources for new and experienced Zoom Events users. The intended audience is Hub Hosts, Event Hosts, Co-Editors, and other people responsible for creating, producing, and executing Zoom Events and Sessions.

YouTube Playlist from Zoom

Newly added in April of 2024, this 18-video playlist is really the best overview of the Zoom Events platform I’ve seen. Start with “The Events Experience” and peruse the list. Especially helpful: Using Production Studio.

Facebook Group: Zoom Events Pros

Hosted by Denise Lahat, a well-experienced and well-connected Zoom Events pro!

With well over 700 members (December 2023), this Facebook group is a great place to ask questions of others who have Zoom Events experience.

Zoom Community: Webinars and Events Forum

This combined Webinar-and-Events product forum on the Zoom Events is a potential source for Zoom Events information. Unfortunately, it’s not frequented by a lot of Zoom Events users, nor by Events-knowledgeable Zoom staff. Still, a great place to come and search for past answers. The larger Zoom Community forums on other topics are a good place for your more general Zoom questions.

Zoom Events Training & Enablement Hub

This resource has really expanded in the last half of 2023 and is itself an example of what you can do with a Zoom Events Hub. Check out both tabs: Events and On Demand. Sign up for upcoming and ongoing events in the Events tab, and watch curated recordings of previous sessions in the On Demand tab.

There are a number of short-form videos available here on a variety of topics. But of particular interest are these 1-hour format in-depth tutorials that I highly recommend:

  • Tech Talk: Production Studio. This is a good look at “the art of the possible”.
  • Tech Talk: Hybrid Events. A good high-level view of what can be done, followed by a quick look at how it can be created.
  • Zoom’s Hub Best Practices. The best of Zoom’s guidance on configuring your Hub.
  • Note: There are a series of recordings made the week of December 11-15 that will be very helpful. These are not yet listed on the Training and Enablement site:
    • Creating a Zoom Event
    • Continuing with Zoom Events
    • Host Engaging Webinars

Zoom Support Articles

I love’em and hate’em at the same time. Finding the information you want is difficult, and virtually all of the articles have syntactic details (click this to do that) and rarely any semantic information (if you’re trying to accomplish this goal, consider this approach). Still, they’re a must-go-to source of information if you’re going to be doing this a lot.

Getting started as a Zoom Events host is a good place to start. It explains the Events Portal, and switching between Attendee and Organizer mode, and talks about how to set up a hub, but gives you almost nothing about why you would want a hub and when it’s not really a good idea.

Purchasing Zoom Events licenses is also a good “how to purchase” guide, but doesn’t really give you the advice you need. Watch my own recording here for what I think you need to know about Zoom Events licensing. I’m working on an updated version of this video which also includes a full discussion of the limitations of each license type.

GoodClix Resources

I have some resources of my own here on the web site:

  • I’ve recently launched a pilot program to form a group of producers of Zoom Events (and Webinars and Meetings), with the goal of being a resource for new and potential Zoom Events licensees, and also to promote those of us who do this for others. See the Z-SPAN site here.
  • There’s a post-event interview with Jonathan Scott a few days after his Language Show 2023, along with guests Denise Lahat and Anissa Barton-Thompson. Jonathan discussed the positives and negatives of his event, produced with Zoom Events for the second year. Vimeo Link
  • As mentioned above, I have an earlier On Demand video in the GoodClix Hub where I discuss Zoom Events licensing in detail. I’m working on an updated version, hopefully to be out in February 2024.