Buy Me A Coffee!

It’s very rare that I start out a conversation with, “How are you going to pay me?” The vast majority of the time, I offer at least a 30-minute consultation at no charge. Usually, someone looking for a consultant will then ask about pricing and payment requirements.

Some people that I help at no charge have asked, “How can I help you? Can I pay you?” Since I don’t really have an expectation of being paid, I make no recommendation.

But there is an option, if you’re truly interested in rewarding my efforts to help you. It’s called Buy Me A Coffee. It’s not literally a coffee, but basically a web site that allows you to pay for a “virtual coffee” at $5 US, or multiple coffees, if that’s your wish. The site is secure, the fee to me is very small, and I’m appreciative of the kind gesture. You can make it anonymously, or leave a brief message about how I helped you.