Envato Elements

I have been a subscriber to Envato Elements since early 2019. It’s a good source of downloadable media, from stock video, music, photos, sound effects, and more. The price is reasonable (around $200+tax a year with no download quantity restrictions), and the selection is very broad.

I will say that sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for… but then I go over to Adobe Stock or other sources and am equally frustrated. So Envato suits my everyday media needs, and if they don’t have it… I have to create it myself!

I use Envato for client requests as well. For example, I had a client that wanted some “quiet music” to play during parts of their webinar event. I created a Collection on Envato, and added a number of music items, then sent them a link to that Collection so they could pick which ones they’d like to use. Once those were selected, I downloaded the files and a “license file”, which can be used to respond to any copyright claims.

Here’s an example Collection with some video, music, graphics, pictures, and sound effects to sample. You can search the entire site and see what’s there. Once you are a subscriber, your downloaded files will be free of any “watermarks.”