Information about GoodClix and Ray Harwood

I’m Ray Harwood, owner of GoodClix. I produce and facilitate Zoom Meetings, Webinars, and the new Zoom Events and Sessions products, with a focus on helping nonprofits and small businesses with a limited event budget.

I also consult with small and medium-sized businesses on Zoom administration and management, including licensing of Zoom products and configuring Zoom Phone.

I do spend a lot of time on the Zoom Community, a web site where Zoom users can go and get help from experienced Zoom customers like me. I’m also active in Denise Lahat’s Facebook group Zoom Events Pros, helping out people specifically with Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions questions.

I specialize in a solo event production approach to help keep costs down, but I do have associates with talent and experience who can assist, if your event needs require it. If your organization is based in Europe, please consider contacting Imogen at Applause Events, as she is UK based and we have worked together on several projects. I have other experienced, reliable event production contacts if you have larger or more complex needs.

If your organization needs help with Zoom, I’m happy to meet with you (over a Zoom meeting, of course) for a 30 minute free discussion to learn about your Zoom needs. During this conversation, I’ll get to know more about you, your organization, the type of event(s) you are planning or services you need, and what level of video production quality you seek. From there we can decide if we’re a good mutual fit to continue working together, and if not, I can refer you to one of my associates.

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