Zoom Events Support Pages

Here is a full hierarchical view of all of the Zoom Events Support Pages as of April 18, 2024. Only pages with actual support content have links — 258 distinct pages in all.

Getting Started with Zoom Events

  1. Getting started as a Zoom Events attendee
  2. Joining Zoom Events
  3. Getting started as a Zoom Events host
  4. Zoom Events roles and permissions
  5. Comparing the functionality of Zoom Events types
  6. Geographic availability for Zoom Events
  7. Getting started as a Zoom Events admin
  8. Using the mobile Zoom Events lobby

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Events:

Admin Settings for Zoom Events

  1. Allowing Zoom Events alternative hosts and co-hosts
  2. Using the Zoom Events Unlimited plan
  3. Assigning Zoom Events licenses
  4. Using the Zoom Events Pay-Per-Attendee plan
  5. Understanding Zoom Events metering attendance
  6. Purchasing Zoom Events licenses
  7. Canceling Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions plans
  8. Managing Zoom Events licensing on the web portal
  9. Publishing available Zoom Events in India
  10. Customizing your domain for Zoom Events
  11. Allowing users to join Zoom Events on web browsers
  12. Allowing hosts to enable chat in Zoom Event’s lobby
  13. Managing Zoom Events admin role settings in the Zoom web portal
  14. Enabling Zoom Sessions with the Zoom Workplace license
  15. Managing Zoom Events waiting room settings
  16. Managing Zoom Events Chat Etiquette Tool
  17. Allowing Zoom Events hosts to upload downloadable material
  18. Restricting Zoom Events hub visibility
  19. Managing SAML Zoom Events licensing
  20. Allowing hosts to enable networking in Zoom Events
  21. Allowing hosts to use meeting resources for Zoom Events

Payments and Billing Settings for Zoom Events

  1. Canceling and refunding a Zoom Event
  2. Editing information in Billing Management
  3. Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions GST and VAT
  4. Global currencies and payments for Zoom Events
  5. Setting Zoom Events cancellation policies
  6. Taxes applied to Zoom Events in the United States
  7. Managing your Zoom Events sold-to address
  8. Managing admin centralized payment solutions

Notification Settings for Zoom Events

  1. Setting notifications in the Zoom Events Notification Center
  2. Automatically sent Zoom Events email notifications

Hub Settings for Zoom Events

  1. Managing the Zoom Events hub Overview tab
  2. Linking Stripe to your Zoom Events hub
  3. Managing the hub Profile tab
  4. Managing the hub Recordings tab
  5. Managing the hub Settings page
  6. Linking PayPal business to Zoom Events hub
  7. Transferring Zoom Events assets between hubs
  8. Managing the hub’s Team tab
  9. Managing a hub’s Events page
  10. Managing a hub’s content library
  11. Managing the hub Video Channels tab
  12. Adding Zoom Events business information
  13. Managing the Zoom Events hub Branding tab
  14. Managing the video channel Playlist section
  15. Migrating hub from Zoom Events license to Zoom Events Unlimited plan
  16. Managing the video channel Integrations section
  17. Managing the VOD Configuration section
  18. Managing the VOD Analytics Registration section
  19. Managing the VOD Analytics Surveys section
  20. Managing the Zoom Event Experience Channel Detail section
  21. Managing the VOD Analytics Videos tab
  22. Managing the VOD Analytics Summary section
  23. Managing the video channel Survey section
  24. Managing the Embedded Single Video Channel Detail section

Zoom Events Features:

Attending Zoom Events

  1. Syncing Zoom Events to your calendar
  2. Registering for Zoom Events
  3. Using the desktop Zoom Events lobby
  4. Using the events portal in Zoom Events
  5. Using translated captions in Zoom Events
  6. Attending Zoom Events using Zoom Rooms
  7. Joining a Zoom Event without a Zoom account
  8. Registering for a Zoom Event without a Zoom account
  9. Using the attendee Zoom Events Companion app
  10. Completing pre-registration for Zoom Events
  11. Testing device performance for Zoom Events
  12. Interacting with Zoom Events resources
  13. Using Zoom Events in-app registration and ticket management
  14. Using external authentication for Zoom Events
  15. Viewing Production Studio in Zoom Events
  16. Zoom Events Family Event Attendee Code of Conduct

Creating Zoom Events

  1. Creating a multiple-session Zoom Event
  2. Managing the Notifications tab
  3. Hosting a Zoom Events webinar with pre-recorded content
  4. Managing the Ticketing tab in Zoom Events
  5. Duplicating a Zoom Event
  6. Understanding Zoom Events registration and joining
  7. Image and video specifications for Zoom Events hosts
  8. Managing the Links & Event Access tab
  9. Managing the Moderation tab
  10. Managing the Emails tab
  11. Managing Zoom Events session and event types
  12. Managing the Meeting & Webinar tab
  13. Managing the Sessions tab
  14. Managing the Speakers tab
  15. Managing the Integrations tab
  16. Converting meetings/webinars to a Zoom Session event
  17. Managing the In-Session Branding tab
  18. Managing the Special Roles tab
  19. Managing the Post Event tab
  20. Managing the Exhibitors tab
  21. Managing the Lobby Configuration tab
  22. Entering CSV file information for Zoom Events
  23. Managing the Event Branding tab
  24. Managing the Event Configuration tab
  25. Managing the Video Gallery tab
  26. Managing the On-Site Experience tab
  27. Managing the Lobby tab
  28. Customizing curated event templates
  29. Managing the Lobby Chat and Networking tab
  30. Editing a Zoom Event as a co-editor
  31. Managing the Event Detail Page tab
  32. Managing the Lobby Controls tab
  33. Managing the Lobby Announcements tab
  34. Managing the host Overview section
  35. Understanding the new event creation experience
  36. Managing private lobby chats

Hosting Zoom Events

  1. Livestreaming Zoom Events meetings and webinars
  2. Using Zoom Events Email Builder
  3. Inviting speakers with a direct join link
  4. System limitations for Zoom Events hosts
  5. Using Production Studio in Zoom Events
  6. Pre-registering Zoom Events attendees
  7. Managing meeting breakout rooms in Zoom Events
  8. Hosting Zoom Events using Zoom Rooms
  9. Managing the Across Hubs Recordings page
  10. Editing event details for Zoom Events
  11. Preventing disruptions in Zoom Events
  12. Sending an event-wide message in Zoom Events
  13. Creating and managing Zoom Event templates
  14. Enabling external authentication in Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions
  15. Fundraising in Zoom Events
  16. Managing the Across Hubs Events page
  17. Broadcasting announcements in chat
  18. Understanding Zoom Events attendee join methods
  19. Understanding NPS surveys in Zoom Events
  20. Using Zoom Events in-app check-in scanning
  21. Identifying Zoom Events companion or virtual mode attendees
  22. Corporate matching for Zoom Events fundraisers

Networking and Chatting in Zoom Events

  1. Updating your Zoom Events profile information
  2. Understanding Zoom Events networking
  3. Connecting with Zoom Events attendees
  4. Making Zoom Events video calls
  5. Using Zoom Events private group chats
  6. Using Zoom Events lobby chat
  7. Changing Zoom Events profile settings and notifications
  8. Zoom Events networking and profile terms
  9. Changing your Zoom Events profile mode
  10. Moderating an exhibitor/sponsor chat

Zoom Events Reporting and Analytics

  1. Managing the Analytics Registration & Ticketing tab
  2. Managing the Analytics Surveys & Polls tab
  3. Managing the Custom Report tab
  4. Accessing Zoom Events licensing reports
  5. Managing the Analytics Attendees tab
  6. Managing the Analytics Summary tab
  7. Managing the Analytics Sessions tab
  8. Managing the Analytics Video Gallery tab
  9. Managing the Analytics Expo tab
  10. Managing the Analytics Exhibitors tab

Paying for Zoom Events

  1. Payment methods for Zoom Events attendees
  2. Canceling your Zoom Events ticket and refund policies
  3. Using a payment card to buy a Zoom Events ticket
  4. Purchasing a Zoom Events ticket with PayPal
  5. Refunding Zoom Events tickets purchased in a foreign currency

Managing Zoom Events Registration

  1. Managing Zoom Events registrants
  2. Using Zoom Events registration management

Speaking in Zoom Events

  1. Joining a Zoom Event with a direct join link for speakers
  2. Editing session or speaker bios

Zoom Events Integrations

  1. Using the Zoom Events HubSpot integration
  2. Using Marketo for Zoom Events
  3. Using Pardot with Zoom Events
  4. Capturing event registrations from Marketo
  5. Using Eloqua with Zoom Events

Zoom Events Expo

  1. Managing Zoom Events expo
  2. Understanding Zoom Events expo
  3. Attending Zoom Events expo
  4. Comparing Zoom Events sponsorship tiers
  5. Understanding the sponsor role in expo
  6. Editing exhibitor info as an invited exhibitor
  7. Customizing booths in expo
  8. Customizing booth resources in expo
  9. Inviting a speaker to edit their information
  10. Understanding the event organizer role in expo
  11. Inviting exhibitors to edit their information
  12. Understanding the attendee role in expo
  13. Enabling expo session livestreaming
  14. Reviewing changes made by speakers and exhibitors

Zoom Sessions Support:

Getting Started with Zoom Sessions

  1. Managing Zoom Sessions licensing
  2. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions host
  3. Registering for Zoom Sessions events
  4. Understanding Zoom Sessions roles
  5. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions admin
  6. Zoom Sessions and Zoom One Enterprise Plus FAQ
  7. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions attendee
  8. Joining Zoom Sessions events

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Sessions

  1. Managing Zoom Sessions licensing
  2. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions host
  3. Registering for Zoom Sessions events
  4. Understanding Zoom Sessions roles
  5. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions admin
  6. Zoom Sessions and Zoom One Enterprise Plus FAQ
  7. Getting started as a Zoom Sessions attendee
  8. Joining Zoom Sessions events

Zoom Sessions Features:

Creating Zoom Sessions

  1. Creating a single-session full event
  2. Creating a recurring sessions event
  3. Managing Zoom Sessions registrants
  4. Managing Zoom Sessions Registration Settings
  5. Managing Zoom Sessions Speakers
  6. Managing Zoom Sessions Links & Event Access
  7. Using Zoom Sessions registration management
  8. Managing the Zoom Sessions Emails tab
  9. Managing the Zoom Sessions Ticketing tab
  10. Managing Zoom Sessions Moderation
  11. Managing recurring sessions Registration Settings
  12. Managing the Session tab for single-session events
  13. Managing the Zoom Sessions Meeting & Webinar tab
  14. Managing Zoom Sessions Event Branding
  15. Managing the Sessions tab for recurring sessions events
  16. Adding a unique session to recurring sessions events
  17. Managing the Zoom Sessions Post Event tab
  18. Managing the Zoom Sessions Special Roles tab
  19. Managing the recurring sessions Event Detail Page tab
  20. Managing the Zoom Sessions Notifications tab
  21. Managing Zoom Sessions Integrations
  22. Managing Event Configuration for recurring sessions
  23. Managing the single-session Overview
  24. Creating a single-session lite event
  25. Managing the Zoom Sessions On-Site Experience tab
  26. Managing recurring sessions Overview
  27. Managing single-session Event Configuration
  28. Managing the Lobby tab for single-session events
  29. Managing the single-session Event Detail Page tab
  30. Managing the Lobby tab for recurring sessions events
  31. Managing the single-session lite Polls/Quizzes section
  32. Managing the single-session lite Webinar Settings section
  33. Managing the single-session lite Waiting Room section
  34. Managing the single-session lite In-session Branding section
  35. Managing the single-session lite Post Event section
  36. Managing the single-session lite Setup section
  37. Managing the single-session lite Resources section
  38. Managing the single-session lite Event Configuration section
  39. Managing single-session lite Links & Event Access
  40. Managing the single-session lite Interpreters section
  41. Managing the single-session lite Overview section

Using Zoom Sessions

  1. Joining Zoom Sessions without a Zoom account
  2. Using Production Studio for Zoom Sessions
  3. Using Zoom Sessions lobby
  4. Joining Zoom Sessions with a direct join link
  5. Completing pre-registration for Zoom Sessions
  6. Registering for Zoom Sessions without a Zoom account

Zoom Sessions Analytics and Reporting

  1. Managing Zoom Sessions Surveys & Polls analytics
  2. Managing attendance analytics for recurring sessions
  3. Managing Zoom Sessions Registration & Ticketing analytics
  4. Managing single-session event attendance analytics
  5. Managing Zoom Sessions Summary analytics
  6. Managing recurring sessions Survey & Polls analytics
  7. Managing session analytics for single-session events
  8. Managing recurring sessions Custom Reports
  9. Managing the single-session Custom Report tab
  10. Managing the Analytics Sessions tab for recurring sessions