Desert Turtle Retreat

I created a mostly-fictitious in-person Zoom Event for testing and exploration purposes. In keeping with my metro Pheonix, Arizona location, I’ve set the location as the Desert Turtle Resort. I previously created the Desert Turtle Homeowner’s Association a couple of years ago, so this is just another in the short line of Desert Turtle properties. All properties managed by the Old Desert Lizard himself.

The purpose of this Zoom Event is to explore the new capabilities of Zoom Events: in-person and hybrid meeting configurations. Of particular note is the ability to leverage an in-person Zoom Event which has no remote audience, but still permits the on-site attendees to interact with polls and Q&A via a stripped-down Zoom view of a meeting or webinar. I’ve just created this test event, so I don’t have any opinion yet… but it sounds exciting.

I have one associate with an upcoming client engagement where they plan to have an in-person only Zoom Event, and then follow that up a few weeks later with a virtual event with the same speakers and sessions, but available to the larger remote audience. I’m excited to see how this sort of “almost hybrid” event might be a useful tool for corporate and non-profit outreach and education efforts.

Though this session would never actually take place, the session-like appearance is a place where attendees can click and see more information by scanning the QR code. There is also a PDF document that can be downloaded. A variety of resources could be made available here.