GoodClix recently unveiled Z-SPAN, a program designed to match online event producers with clients seeking help with their online events. This announcement came during the March 1, 2024 weekly episode of the Zoom Test Kitchen, a weekly online show which educates listeners with reviews, tests, and demonstrations of Zoom technology.

Z-SPAN is a revolutionary service tailored to the Zoom community which starts by bringing together producers of Zoom events into a co-marketing and referral network. This network then links producers with clients seeking to host professional meetings, webinars, and conferences using Zoom products and services.

Affiliate producers are seasoned, professional hosts of Zoom Meetings and Webinars, and the Z-SPAN network boasts a wealth of experience producing exceptional Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions. Affiliates are noted for their affordability compared to larger providers of online meeting services. While Zoom’s Professional Services team provides exceptional service to large corporations and institutions, Z-SPAN affiliates provide a wider price range of offerings suitable for non-profits and small businesses with modest event budgets.

Candidate affiliates are welcome to request an interview designed to ensure alignment with our standards of skill and excellence. Clients seeking an affiliate match can request a free initial consultation to determine the parameters for your upcoming events. Simply visit to schedule a complimentary interview or provide your contact information for personalized assistance from a Z-SPAN representative.

Z-SPAN affiliates are committed to providing you with professional event services catered to your needs. Contact us early in your planning cycle to ensure the most professional and cost-effective event, or if you’ve recently purchased a Zoom Events license and need assistance with training and consulting.

Z-SPAN, GoodClix LLC, and all Affiliates are independent entities and not owned, operated, or controlled by Zoom Video Communications. While we specialize in utilizing Zoom products and services to deliver our solutions, we maintain our autonomy and are not affiliated with Zoom Video Communications in terms of ownership or control. Our relationship with Zoom is based on our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible solutions leveraging their technology. Any references to Zoom products or services on our program are solely for the purpose of describing our offerings and expertise. For official information regarding Zoom Video Communications, please visit their website at  Z-SPAN is a service mark of GoodClix LLC.

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