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Interested in how I can help you with your Zoom event, account administration, or technical question? Schedule a free 30-minute, no obligation Zoom call to discuss your needs:

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A Zoom Community Champion

I’m very proud to be an active contributor to the Zoom Community, a place where literally anyone can go and ask a Zoom question. I’m very proud of all 44 badges, but especially the Community Champion badges. My goal is to help people, not to gather points and badges, but the badges and stats tell you a lot:

  • I’ve made over 2,900 posts on the Community.
  • Over 290 of the posts have been recognized as “Solutions”.
  • People appreciate my guidance and help, with over 980 Likes on posts.

I enjoy helping out, but I’ve also found new clients while helping people out in the community.

What Can I Do for You?

Meetings, Webinars, and Conferences

For starters, I facilitate (you do most of the work) or produce (I do most of the work) online meetings, webinars, and conferences using Zoom. I don’t try and sell you any fancy, expensive extra add-on hosting system. Conferences can be multi-day (up to 6 days, and don’t have to be consecutive), and can be any combination of meetings or webinars. Contact me for a demonstration — the Zoom Events package includes a Lobby, a vendor expo, and networking opportunities for all participants.

I provide one-on-one Presenter Consultations for each presenter which includes coaching on audio, camera, lighting, and screen sharing. I ask each presenter to upload the presentation to a DropBox folder, to have on hand as backup during the live show.

I use a variety of additional software to help in producing your event, including vMix, ZoomOSC, StageTimer, PromptSmart, and SlidesClicker. I have licenses for these, so they don’t cost you any extra, and in general, you don’t need to know anything about them.

Event Registration and Payment Services

If you need a specialized event registration process, I use Eventbrite. Eventbrite provides a robust ticketing system with the ability to handle a variety of ticket prices, discounts, group purchasing, plus the ability to enter tickets purchased via check, and guest/complementary tickets, all in one convenient system. Eventbrite will pay out a significant portion of your proceeds twice a month, and release the balance about 2 weeks after the end of your event. Eventbrite’s service fee is around 11% of your total ticket price, but in my opinion, is worth the cost.

I don’t use any registration software other than Zoom or Eventbrite. If you want anything else, you’re on your own. Most systems will export names and email addresses, which can easily be imported into Zoom to provide individualized Join links.

Consulting Services

I love consulting with other Zoom producers — those that have their own clients and events — providing planning and in-session assistance as needed. Already in the Zoom production business? Let’s get together and discuss how we can assist one another.

Another service I provide — primarily for small businesses with no in-house Zoom management experience and one-person consultant companies — is review Zoom account settings at the user and admin levels and make recommendations for improvement or reduced costs.

Zoom Phone

I’m also a Zoom Phone user, and have helped a number of clients with phone system configuration, including Automated Receptionists and Call Routing.


My rates are “comparatively inexpensive,” and I’m happy to share details with you during a free 30-minute no-obligation Zoom meeting. You won’t get any high-pressure sales pitches. My goal will be to understand your needs and determine if we’re a good fit. I rarely turn down potential clients, but my criteria for discount consideration depends a lot on understanding your needs and how you operate.

About That Image…

Wondering about that image of me? A good friend of my son drew that for me. I’d seen his work, and asked if he could create a pencil drawing from a few pictures of me. I like it so much I use it everywhere — on business cards and social media.

The Business Cards

Just in case you didn’t get one of my cards — maybe someone sent you the link or let you scan the QR code on it — here it is.