GoodClix Clients

Arizona Native Plant Society (AZNPS)

I produced their Annual Botany Meetings in 2020, 2021, and 2022. See their YouTube channel for videos from each of those events.

AZNPS Web Site

Collab Fabrication Lab & Innovation Studio

GoodClix assists Collab with support and engagement of virtual production and technical collaboration for several of their Fortune 500 clients.

Global Academy of Holistic Nursing (GAHN)

I produced their annual induction ceremonies in 2021 and 2022, as well as recording and editing their monthly GAHN Dialogue series. See their Dialogues on Vimeo.

GAHN Web Site


I’ve facilitated several events for MaineDesk, including their annual Virtual Nursing Theory Workshop (VNTW) and Extreme Education for Editors (E3).

MaineDesk Web Site

Scranton Gillette Companies (SGC)

A new client for whom I’m facilitating Webinars and providing general Zoom administration and consultation, primarily for SGC Horizon brands including Pro Builder and NimbleThinkers.

SGC Web Site

Society for Advancement of Modeling and Role Modeling (SAMRM)

I facilitated an online retreat in the spring of 2022, and produced videos of their sessions in this showcase on Vimeo.

SAMRM Web Site

Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA)

The first (and only) 4-day hybrid event I produced was highly successful. They have asked me to produce their full-virtual event for 2023.

TTIA Web Site