Zoom Community Referral

Greetings! You likely arrived here by clicking on a link in the Zoom Community. You might have been invited to click the link by me – @Ray_Harwood – in a reply I made to a post or comment you made.

If you are interested primarily in Zoom Events, I invite you to also visit the Z-SPAN web site. This site is both for producers looking to join the group and potential clients seeking help.

If you were invited to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, please click the Schedule button below. I’ll ask for your real name, your Zoom Community profile name, and a full description of what you’d like to talk about. I’ll likely email you with preliminary information or a request for additional info. If the information you provide when scheduling or your response to my email are incomplete, I reserve the right to cancel your scheduled appointment.

Is it really free? Yes, the first 30 minutes is definitely free. From there, it depends.

If you’re with a company, I’m happy to spend 30 minutes discussing your needs and how I can be of help. If I can solve your issue in 30 minutes – bonus! If more time is needed, we decide we’re a good fit for each other, and I’ll provide my rates and terms.

If you’re an individual asking for personal help, I may be willing to spend some extra time helping you. You’re invited to ask for individual consulting rates, or contribute what you can afford via Buy Me A Coffee.