Zoom Community

I spend a lot of time on the Zoom Community. If you don’t have the option of Zoom Support, it’s a good place to find answers. Like most things, it’s not perfect, but it’s a good resource.

Always start by searching the Zoom Community using your own description of the problem, and look at the answers that seem relevant to the problem. If you can’t find one that is the same or very close, then start your own topic.

Do. Not. Whine. “I can’t believe how bad Zoom is about [insert your self-centered complaint here].” Chances are good that I’ll pass your page by… it’s not worth wasting my totally volunteer time trying to pick through your rhetoric.

Just ask the question, with as much information as possible. Please include this information, if you can, even if you don’t think it matters. If you provide complete information — even some that might not be relevant — it shows me you’re willing to put in the effort to help me help you, and I’m more likely to hang in there with you after a few posts back and forth. If I ask for more information and you don’t provide it, I’ll move on.

Special Topics

Sometimes I’ll get more deeply involved in offering assistance regarding certain issues. For those issues that I have definitive documentation for, see this list:

Restrictions for Basic (free) accounts

Zoom allows anyone to have an account at no charge. This type of account is called a Basic account, and because a Basic account doesn’t have a Zoom License, it’s often referred to as an unlicensed account. “Free” is another term.

Here’s a collection of restrictions placed on Basic accounts.

Here are additional topics I’m working on (as of late April 2024):

How to tackle the issue of Live-Streaming from Zoom to a Facebook Page

Facebook/Meta made a change to their API (applications programming interface) on April 22, 2024, which prevents live-streaming to Facebook groups from other applications that were previously integrated with Facebook. This includes Zoom, among others. There is a post on the Zoom Community about how to work around this change; my intent is to create a page here on GoodClix that is more detailed and kept up to date as I learn additional nuances.

Why Do I Do This??

Primarily, I just love helping people. I’ve always been the “go to” person for something, everywhere I go. Somehow I’ve become pretty well known in Zoom circles just based on “knowing how to find the answers.” I promise you I don’t know a lot of answers… but most answers are out there if you know how and where to look.

But if I’ve been helpful and you’d like to return the favor, consider buying me a coffee ☕️.