Zoom Community Guides

In spring 2024 I started doing more extensive documentation of answers to questions on the Zoom Community. Some are videos, some are downloadable PDF files, and some are just more extensive answers on my web site. Look through these and see if what you’re looking for is there.

Live Streaming from Zoom to Facebook Groups

The video is here:

But I’m also working on a PDF file. Check back later.

Zoom Community Thread: https://community.zoom.com/t5/Meetings/Livestreaming-to-Facebook-GROUPS-now-requires-Custom-RTMP/td-p/176148

Zoom Phone Configuration for 1-Person Company (In Progress)

Most of Zoom’s documentation on setting up Zoom Phone is geared toward their high-dollar companies — not us little guys. I’ve helped a number of people do this… I hope to create a PDF guide here soon.

Setting Up 10DLC SMS “Brand” and “Campaigns” (In Progress)

If you have Zoom Phone and want to use your phone to send SMS (text) messages, there are some hoops you have to jump through. But don’t blame Zoom or even the big telephone carriers who created this requirement: blame spam texters!

You have to create a “Brand” for your company, and then one or more “Campaigns” can be created, and every phone number that sends SMS text has to be assigned to a Campaign.

More info coming soon…

Using Eventbrite with Zoom Meetings and Webinars (In Progress)

I really like the flexibility and discoverability of Eventbrite, and while the technical integration with Zoom works well, the user experience from Eventbrite’s way of getting you to the meeting is often confusing. I’ll show you how to use the tight integration of Eventbrite and Zoom, and also the “manual integration” that eliminates the confusion of Eventbrite’s Join page, but requires some manual effort to get the data over from Eventbrite to Zoom.

Coming soon…