Zoom Events Production Studio for $100?

I hear a lot of people object to the high cost of Zoom Events. Yes, a Zoom Events Unlimited license can be very expensive, depending on the maximum number of people you need to accommodate.

But you can leverage a couple of Zoom Events tools in stand-along, non-Zoom-Events webinars when you have a Zoom Events (or even a Zoom Sessions) license.

The real question is: What is the least expensive Zoom Events or Sessions license I need to buy in order to have access to things like Production Studio, Simulive, and Backstage in my stand-alone webinars?

A Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee (PPA) 50 seat license is all you need!

Keep in mind that if you’re going to actually leverage and produce Zoom Events or Zoom Sessions, you’ll pay more. Reach out to me to learn more about Zoom Events licensing and how to ease into it without breaking the bank.