Zoom Events Experience

The Zoom Events product line has been in general availability since October of 2021. At that point, in my opinion, it was not really ready for production use without a significant investment in additional work, and with multiple caveats and work-arounds. In January of 2023, however, a significant update was made, and the product is has really progressed to the point of being very usable, and honestly, pretty easy to configure and manage.

That said, here’s a brief list of Zoom Events I’ve produced, facilitated, or significantly participated in, along with upcoming events. Also see my client list and several client testimonials here.

Completed Events

Upledger Institute – Beyond the Dura 2023

This 2-day event was held Saturday and Sunday April 22-23, 2023 and was produced by GoodClix. International Association of Healthcare Educators (IAHE) approached me almost a year before their scheduled event. The unique feature of this event is that the client wanted to pre-record most of the presentations, stream the presentation video to the audience, and then conduct a live Q&A afterward.

NYC Child Safety and Injury Prevention 2023 Summit

This event was held on Wednesdays across 4 weeks in June of 2023 and was produced for NYC ACS by Right Tree Consulting. Being new to Zoom Events, Maria of Right Tree Consulting contacted me for assistance in getting the event set up, as well as serving as the Moderator (from a Zoom Events perspective, which entails monitoring for inappropriate activity and responding to user who click “Report this” on any event item).

SYNI “Own Your Power 2023”

Say Your Name Incorporated (SYNI) held a one-day conference on Saturday, October 24. The event producer, Dr. Sebrenna Whitlock, contacted me a few months prior to her scheduled event. She had acquired a Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee (PPA) license with the understanding that this would provide her a multi-session event. I helped facilitate her obtaining a refund on this license after purchasing her Zoom Events PPA license. Sebrenna did her own event setup with very little guidance needed. This was amazing considering her busy schedule and that she’s not a “technical person.”

GoodClix Zoom Events Unleashed! Series Opener: The Language Show

Jonathan Scott produced his own 3-day, 80-plus session show attended by nearly 3,000 people around the globe in early November 2023. The next week I brought Jonathan and two other colleagues into a Zoom Session (a single-webinar version of Zoom Events) where we discussed how his event went. This single-session Zoom Sessions webinar used Production Studio to compose the attendee view, and the video of the session is available on the GoodClix Zoom Events Hub in the On Demand section, as well as on Vimeo here.

Upcoming Events

Tiriti-Based Futures Anti-Racism Online Conference 2024

This New Zealand based event is scheduled for March 16-25, 2024. I was contacted by one of the event organizers in November 2023 for assistance in choosing the appropriate license for his bi-annual event. During discussions I learned that his schedule was for 10 consecutive days. Since the default maximum days for a Zoom Event is 6 days (they don’t need to be consecutive, but this client’s 10 days are), I had to negotiate with Zoom to increase the limit for their event. While that was in progress, a small team of volunteers populated the Zoom Event with speaker pictures and bios, as well as session descriptions. I’m slated to assist training the volunteer staff to run Production Studio, allowing for a much more professional viewing experience for attendees.

SGC-Horizons’ Expert Series Courses

The Scranton Gillette Communications Horizon group asked me to set up 4 courses in Zoom Events for the Expert Series for late 2023, but the dates for these have been pushed back into spring of 2024. See their web site for course specifics. SGC primarily hosts Zoom Webinars for their internal and client-requested educational sessions, but the Expert Series courses each have 4 to 5 sessions, and the Zoom Events platform was selected primarily for the multi-session auto-recording feature.

Demonstration and Test Events

I’ve been actively exploring and testing Zoom Events since its General Availability in October of 2021. I regularly create test sessions to explore newly released features, and demonstration sessions to show potential clients how Zoom Events can support their event needs, with over 20 non-production events created. Schedule a no-charge 30-minute demonstration of Zoom Events for you and other members of your team.