Zoom Events Pricing Model

It’s January 2023, 15 months since Zoom Events went into General Availability. A new pricing model was released (I’m not sure whether it went into effect January 7 or 18).

Talk about inflation!

I’m trying to get more information from Zoom on some of the implications of the new pricing model, but so far the only answer I’ve had is “contact Sales”.

While I try to get some answers, I thought I’d share my questions, which are admittedly focused on a small Zoom producer like me… and perhaps like you. We know the “big accounts” have direct access to Sales and Account Execs, but those of us on Pro accounts have, well, have you watched or read Horton Hears a Who?

Anyway, feel free to read or download this document to see where I’m headed:

Have additional questions or thoughts? I’ve opened up comments on this page – let me know your thoughts.

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