I’ve been using vMix for a little less than a year, but loved it so much, I had to upgrade my PC. With all the GPU shortages, I ended up going through HP and ordered a very beefy machine, with an Intel XEON 1290P processor and NVIDIA RTX 5000 GPU.

It took me a week or two to figure out that vMix was only using the onboard GPU and not even touching the RTX 5000. I searched to locate some instructions on how to “set vMix to use the NVIDIA GPU”. What found was this post on the vMix forum from 2018:

Unfortunately, when I tried to do this, there were some components of the NVIDIA software that were different, and so I was unsuccessful. Then I had two Zoom events (a two day meeting and a 5 day webinar), so not wanting to possibly mess anything up on my still-shiny new machine, I decided to wait.

Today, I searched for “get NVIDIA to use another program”, and this promising article popped up from Microsoft:

This provided what I needed, with some slight adjustments.

How To Set vMix to Use NVIDIA

Don’t use the NVIDIA software. Use Windows Settings.

Step 1 – Open Settings (type Settings in the Windows Search bar).
Step 2 – Click the Settings app that appears.
Step 3 – Click the System settings icon.

Step 4 – Click Browse under the Graphics performance preference section, with Desktop App selected.
Step 5 – Locate vmix64.exe and click Add.
Step 6 – On the new entry for vMix, click Options.
Step 7 – Select High performance on the Graphics preference pop-up, then click Save.
Step 8 – Verify that the settings and program location are correct by clicking on the vMix icon in the Graphics settings window.
Step 9 – Verify that vMix shows the new GPU association. Shutdown vMix if running and re-launch! Go to the vMix Settings -> Performance tab and verify the Graphics Adapter selected.

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