Delve deeper into the profound realms of addiction and recovery by immersing yourself in the exceptional film series, “Called From Darkness.”

Consisting of six compelling films, the series is a testament to human resilience and the strength of the human spirit. Produced by TouchPoint Productions and brought to life under the visionary direction of Paul Steinbroner, these films offer a raw and unvarnished look into the lives of those affected by addiction. From the depths of struggle to the triumphs of recovery, the series unravels the narratives of various communities grappling with this pervasive issue.

Each film in the series is accompanied by a post-viewing discussion, revealing deeper insights into the lives of the featured populations. Paul Steinbroner, intimately involved in the production of each film, and a special guest facilitator from each film guide these discussions. In addition, leaders of the sponsoring organizations provide their invaluable perspectives, including Helen Erickson, Executive Director of Global Academy of Holistic Nursing (GAHN), and Margaret Erickson, CEO of the American Holistic Nurse Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC).

The films not only inform but also inspire action and understanding. The subsequent discussions enrich your viewing experience by offering a broad range of perspectives on addiction and recovery, and will foster stimulating and thought-provoking conversations with your colleagues.

Access All Six Films and Discussions

For just $50, unlock access to all six films and the post-viewing discussions through 2024. Immerse yourself in the stories of resilience, hope, and healing, and unveil the difficult narratives of diverse communities as they overcome the clutches of addiction and embrace the path to recovery.

Every story deserves to be heard, and every life deserves a chance at redemption. Purchase your access today and be a catalyst for compassion and change.

Access to the series is facilitated by a cooperative agreement between AHNCC, GAHN, TouchPoint Productions, and GoodClix.

Zoom Webinar production, attendee registration services, and video post-editing were provided by GoodClix.

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